Our story


Founded as a micro roastery in an abandoned movie theatre in the village of Carlingford, Ireland, Cinema Coffee has always been a labour of love and a melding of shared vision.


Now finding its home in Lurgan Co. Armagh on the picturesque banks of Lough Neagh, three coffeephiles have embarked on
a journey to roast the finest craft coffee in the place they love, for the place they call home.

‘Coffee is individual, so our approach is unique.’


We sustainably source the highest quality coffees from producers around the world and roast in small batches to create unique and interesting blends. Continually seeking out new coffee experiences, we travel extensively in search of the best. We see coffee as an art and a way of life, every day is a new opportunity for learning.

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Cinema Coffee partners with amazing retailers and coffee entrepreneurs to bring the finest coffees to market. We are always looking to the future, of coffee and the evolution of the business. Would you like to join us on this exciting journey?

..To be continued...

Out story

‘It's all in the grind, Sizemore.
Can't be too fine, can't be too coarse.
This, my friend, is a science.’

— Ranger John Grimes (Ewan McGregor)